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About Dr.

Dr. Gerald Hass

Dr. Haas is one of the anesthesiologists that performs conscious sedation here at Surfside Dermatology.  Conscious sedation is an anesthetic technique where we give incremental doses of relaxing and pain relieving medications through the intravenous line.

Dr. Haas has been an anesthesiologist since 1994 and during that time he has done all types of anesthesia for open heart surgery, cosmetic surgery, and still works in the hospital setting dealing with more acute type surgical problems.

I’ve been chairman of a local anesthesia department, have been on the Quality Insurance Committee for a number of years, and try to focus on making people feel comfortable and safe and making sure that they have a good experience.

Prior to you receiving conscious sedation, we obtain your medical history to ensure that any chronic medical problems that you have were stable and that you’re not acutely ill.  To ensure your safety during the procedure, an anesthesiologist is with you continuously during the procedure. It’s important that you do not eat or drink anything for eight hours prior to receiving conscious sedation and it is important that someone is with you after the procedure to drive you home and to be with you in the evening after your procedure.